Raising Roses

Raising Roses

Cornell University plant pathologist Dr. Kenneth Horst has authored the second edition of the “Compendium of Rose Diseases and Pests.” In this new edition, Horst collaborates with Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State University associate professor and Extension specialist.

“The Compendium of Rose Diseases and Pests, Second Edition”  (http://www.greencure.net/compendium_of_rose_diseases_book_ken_horst.asp) has been thoroughly updated, expanded and given a new format with 151 color photographs. The second edition now includes information on insects and mites with 68 images to help identify these pests and the damage they cause.

The book covers rose diseases caused by bacteria, as well as viral diseases such as rose mosaic, rose streak, leaf curl and other problems. It also covers rose damage caused by physiological problems, environmental imbalances, air pollution, pesticide toxicity and nutritional deficiencies.

Color photographs of infectious disease symptoms, now inset with the text, enable users to accurately identify diseases that affect roses and quickly understand the causes, lifecycles and treatment approaches available. Noninfectious symptoms, such as those caused by pollution and toxicities, are covered and illustrated with color photographs that help distinguish them from bacterial, fungal, nematode and viral symptoms.

A new color section on pests and the symptoms they cause helps users identify the insects and mites that attack roses. Discussions of pest and disease management measures emphasize timeless principles and cultural practices ensuring that this reliable sourcebook will help maintain healthy rose bushes for many years to come.

A genealogy map of rose species provides a guide to the development of hundreds of rose species, along with general growing tips and practices.

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