Svensson Energy Screen Designed For More Energy, Savings

A new energy screen from Svensson gives growers the power to enhance crop quality by reducing condensation formation and increasing light transmission.

The new XLS 10 Ultra Revolux with H2no technology reduces the formation of condensation droplets, which act as mirrors that reflect light and reduce light transmission in the greenhouse. With H2no, water on the screen instead forms a thin, transparent film that is wicked away into the screen’s yarn structure. The result is a considerable increase in light transmission – up to 10 according to Svensson – compared to an untreated screen.

More light promotes photosynthesis during dull periods and more energy savings, as screening hours can be increased.

“The XLS 10 Ultra Revolux with new H2no technology is ideal for saving energy, night and day,” says Kurt Parbst, president of Svensson’s North and South American subsidiary. “It allows higher light transmission under typical or real greenhouse conditions in addition to the energy savings and light diffusion features.”

The H2no technology is compatible and available in the Revolux flame retardant screen.

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