Gediflora Will Provide All Marketing And Sales Support For Belgian Mums In 2015

jasmodabelgianmumsGediflora recently announced a change in the partnership between Gediflora, the breeder of Belgian Mums, and GroLink Plant Company.

Starting with the 2015 season, Gediflora will be assuming all marketing and sales support of the Belgian Mums in North America. Already the number one company in Europe in garden mums, Gediflora now will now be the face of Belgian Mums worldwide.

GroLink will continue to produce and deliver cuttings of Belgian Mums, as well as process orders, invoice and collect payments and royalties. Bernard Chodyla will continue to provide technical support for the Belgian Mums in the U.S. and Canada, but as a member of the Gediflora team, beginning September 1, 2014.

Visit the Gediflora website for variety and cultural information and a complete list of brokers distributing Belgian Mums in U.S. and Canada.

Source: GroLink Plant Company

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