April 21, 2009

Costa Kicks Off Fresh Air Tour

Costa Farms is engaging the next generation of consumers by bringing indoor plants to college campuses. The campaign kicked off last week at the University of Florida (UF). Three hundred peace lilies (spathiphyllums) were distributed as “free air purifiers” as part of Costa’s O2 For You campaign. Based in Homestead, Fla., it made sense to begin with the UF Gators in Gainesville, but Costa’s marketing manager, Marta Maria Garcia, didn’t start with the floriculture department, where students are already interested in plants. She contacted marketing students and Gators for a Sustainable Campus, whom were also supported by the American Lung Association and the Clean Air Council. On Wednesday, April 15, students and faculty swarmed the Plaza of the Americas at 9:50 a.m. and all the plants were distributed within 40 minutes. Those who took plants were asked to sign a large board pledging to live a greener life. Student organizers […]

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April 6, 2009

OFA Scholars Named For 2009

Six bright young floriculture students have been named OFA Scholars for 2009. The program is designed to develop students as strong contributors to the industry by providing education and networking opportunities. The OFA Scholars Program was opened up to students across the country in 2009, after being an Ohio-only program in its first two years. This year’s winners are: Alicain Carlson, North Carolina State University QiuXia Chen, Kansas State University Carola De La Torre, The Ohio State University Gretchen Giles, Michigan State University Jongyun Kim, University of Georgia Nathan Thompson, The Ohio State University Winners will receive a one-year membership in OFA and complimentary attendance at this year’s Short Course. You can find more information on the 2009 OFA Scholars and the program here.

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March 20, 2009

Green Roofs For The West Symposium Debuts

The inaugural Green Roofs for the West Symposium will be held at the Denver Botanic Gardens on June 18. The event will feature a full day of in-depth sessions led by well-known speakers who include Tom Liptan, the innovator of the green roof program in Portland; Edmond Snodgrass, co-author of Green Roof Plants; and Panayoti Kelaidis, senior curator and director of outreach at the Botanic Gardens. The symposium will aim to “inform professionals about green roof viability and implications in the West, and lay the groundwork to influence policy in Denver and the Intermountain West,” reports the North Denver News. There will be two panel discussions, which will include regional experts and architects. They will discuss green roof design, green jobs, storm water management and public policy. The Gardens’ own green roof showcases more than 50 species and varieties of plants, all drought tolerant. To learn more about this event, […]

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February 25, 2009

Michelle Obama Chimes In On Community Gardens

The recent buzz about a garden for the White House lawn has centered mostly around vegetables, and First Lady Michelle Obama appears to be supportive of the idea. According to The Christian Science Monitor, Mrs. Obama said the following to a staff of the U.S. Department of Agriculture: “I’m a big believer in community gardens, both because of their beauty and for their access to providing fresh fruits and vegetables to so many communities across the nation and the world.” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack broke ground on the first People’s Garden in front of USDA headquarters in Washington, D.C. earlier this month. The People’s Garden will eliminate 1,250 square feet of pavement and expand an existing garden that was historically devoted to ornamental plants. To read more, click here.

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February 20, 2009

HRI Awards Scholarships

The Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), the research arm of ANLA, granted $200,000 to nine research projects and five student scholarships throughout the U.S. for 2009. Key considerations used by the HRI Executive Committee in determining funding levels and research grants were: the economic conditions impacting HRI’s investment income, the green industry economic outlook and the general quality of the research proposals. The selected research projects show collaborative efforts between researchers and research institutions, along with a focus on priority issues for the green industry. HRI Grants and Scholarships for 2009 include: Research funding is subject to institutional and researcher contractual agreements with HRI. $50,000— Development of Alternative Container Substrates a Block Grant Research projects incorporated with the block grant include: * Effect of Alternative Substrate Age on Woody Ornamental Plant Production * On-Site Demonstration of Alternative Substrates at Nurseries Across the Southeast U.S. * Effect of Alternative Substrates on Production […]

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January 19, 2009

NFF Event To Focus On Sustainability

The National Floriculture Forum (NFF) will meet again March 6 and 7 in Florida, where university professors, graduate students, government scientists and other industry leaders will tour industry and research locations from Miami to Orlando. “Sustainability In The Real World” is the forum’s theme this year. Tour stops will be made at Kerry’s Nursery, Wyld West Annuals, Kraft Gardens, Knox Nursery, Mercer Botanicals and several other facilities over the two days. Lean flow, production efficiency, sustainability certification and water conservation are among the many topics that will be discussed. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and encouraged before Feb. 2. Those who wish to register after Feb. 2 may contact Becky Hamilton at bhamilto@ufl.edu. For more information on the event, visit www.floricultureforum.org or contact Paul Fisher of the University. He can be reached by eMail at pfisher@ufl.edu or by phone at 352-392-1831, ext.

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January 13, 2009

New Scholarship For Floriculture Students

Students studying floriculture, horticulture or a related field might be interested in applying for the Shinoda Scholar of the Year award, a new $5,000 scholarship that will be awarded by the trustees of the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation to one applicant. Applications for the Scholar of the year are available at the Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship website at www.shinodascholarship.org, and they’ll be accepted now through March 30. The scholarship recipient will be announced later in the spring, and he or she will be transported to OFA Short Course courtesy of Ball Horticulture.

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December 15, 2008

Ones To Watch: Matt Mart

As part of Greenhouse Grower’s 25th anniversary, we’ve been profiling people we expect to shape the industry for the better over the next 25 years. Now in its 25th and final week online, our Ones To Watch series concludes with Matt Mart of Amerinova Age - 37 His Job - Matt is executive director at Amerinova, a EuroAmerican plant licensing company that helps market varieties. Fresh Thinking - A huge part of EuroAmerican’s business philosophy is new product development. Matt says to keep an eye on the succulent market and low water-use plants. “Invest in new products and programs,” he says. “Learn from the ‘old,’ but don’t hang on to it. Accept that we in horticulture are like any other business with its pluses and minuses.” Twenty-Five Years From Now - The industry will be consolidated globally. “As wealth shifts, so will markets,” Matt says. “New products will continue to […]

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December 15, 2008

Make 2009 A Turning Point

Surprise, surprise! We’re officially in recession mode now, and we have been for more than a year. The National Bureau of Economic Research made the formal announcement as we prepared this year-opening issue for press, but the story seemed more like back-page news at the time because American consumers were busy making a contradictory statement on Black Friday and the days that ensued. Consumers made their statement with their hard-earned dollars, flooring analysts who expected to hear cricket chirps in the early mornings at retail stores across the country. Black Friday, of course, is an aberration in the retail world, but it’s always been used as a gauge for our willingness to spend over the holiday season. This most recent Black Friday should, however, serve as a barometer for even more to our industry. Last year was rough for some growers, yes, and the economic forecast for this year is […]

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December 3, 2008

Saluting Tomorrow’s Leaders

For 24 years, Greenhouse Grower has been honored to present the Grower of the Year award, recognizing growers who are moving the industry forward. The recipients have been the best and brightest in our industry and reasons why we are gung-ho looking to the next 25 years. Who will be our 25th Grower of the Year? You can help decide. To commemorate this milestone, we will take this award to a new level by presenting it during the OFA Short Course in July. This award will become part of an “Evening of Excellence” and add a strong grower component to our successful Medal of Excellence program, which recognizes innovative varieties, marketing programs and the organizations and individuals behind them. Together, Grower of the Year and our Medal of Excellence program become a fascinating floriculture hall of fame. Nominations For 2009 Now through Feb. 28 we are accepting nominations for our […]

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December 2, 2008

More Than Flying Cars

When Greenhouse Grower began in 1983, the general public started getting its hands on some of the first personal computers. Leaps in technology made the future seem limitless. Looking to the year 2000, even flying cars made sense. Asking someone to predict the next 25 years isn’t easy, especially when talking about the greenhouse industry. It requires a good deal of imagination and market know-how. For Greenhouse Grower’s anniversary issue, we asked prominent companies in the greenhouse-floriculture industry to explain where they plan to be and what new developments will make a difference for growers by the year 2033. We received some great responses, but no flying cars. They gave us something growers can actually sink their teeth into and look forward to. And it’s somewhat fitting that the bulk of our responses come from greenhouse software companies. It really is a sign of the times, isn’t it? Software Partnerships […]

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