Learn About Data Collection And Record Keeping In Meister Media’s Sustainability Blueprint Project


Greenhouse Grower and other Meister Media Worldwide brands have launched The Sustainability Blueprint Project™ to make sustainability manageable and immediately actionable to crop producers and their allied service-providers and input suppliers.

Sustainability is no longer just a trendy buzzword for greenhouse growers — it’s now an everyday part of the business for most producers in some form or fashion. And with the increase in consumer interest in local, sustainably grown plants and produce, the need becomes even more important for you and your business.

The project’s first special report, Data-Intensive Management, appears in the December issue of Greenhouse Grower and provides a look at some of the programs and tools that are laying the foundation of sustainable production through data collection, record keeping and analysis. More projects and research are also planned.

To read more about the project and the Data-Intensive Management report, visit SustainabilityBlueprint.org.

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