Mark Your Calendars: Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo

Details of the 2010 Michigan Greenhouse Growers Expo are now available. In coordination with the The Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo, the Greenhouse Expo includes two days of educational sessions specifically for greenhouse growers.

On Tuesday and Wednesday (December 7 and 8), the following sessions are planned:

–Consumer Buzz Live
–Correcting for Low and High Media pH
–Advanced water treatments and sanitizing agents
–Social Networking
–Retail Pricing and Benchmarking
–Plants for 2011: The Good, Better, and Best
–The Real World of Propagating Cuttings: A Grower Panel
–Moving Beyond Ornamentals–the Basic Principles and Practices of Growing Greenhouse Vegetables
–Best Performers from The 2010 Michigan Garden Plant Tour
–Greenhouse Insect Control Options
–New Products and Good Strategies to Control Diseases
–MSU Research Update
–Free money!!! Maybe this is for you?
Greenhouse participants will also be able to attend a broader variety of educational sessions at Expo that may be of interest, such as talks on farm marketing, plasticulture, low- and high-tunnel production, organic production and more.

On December 9, a workshop in association with OFA is scheduled: Greenhouse Designs and Retrofits That Save Energy and Make Financial Sense: Learn the DOs and DON’Ts. This four-hour workshop will explore the energy savings that can be realized through design of initial installations or retrofits, selection of glazing materials and control systems, as well as the proper use of those systems.

New this year is a nearly day-long bus tour of four leading West Michigan greenhouses, which will be on December 9. As with the OFA workshop, general Expo registration and an additional fee are required to participate in these events.
Additionally, visit the Expo Trade Show, which will include an increasing number of vendors that serve the greenhouse industry. The trade show is combined with the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo trade show, offering a wider range of vendors.

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