Breeders’ Finest Showcases New Pot Plants at IPM

Under the name Breeders’ Finest, Anthura, Van den Bos Flowerbulbs, Corn. Bak and Fides will present the following pot plants:

Viva Calandiva
With a flowering umbel and lots of available colors, Viva Calandiva ensures that consumers can enjoy the plant for a long time. It keeps on growing imperturbable. In 2012, you simply cannot get around Calandiva. At the IPM, we will also present a special flower trial showing the Calandiva performance on the market, compared with other decorative Kalanchoes.

Roselily – a double-flowering lily
Roselily is a collective term for a unique series of double-flowering lilies with exceptionally positive characters. Roselily’s do not have the heavy spice scent of most other lilies. Also, their flowers produce no pollen. When opened up, the flower resembles a rose. No wonder this series was named after two flowers: the rose and the lily.

Amaretti- A brand new Anthurium Scherzerianum with a curly twist

Amaretti is part of the Anthura flourish line as it has a distinguishable twisted spadix. The flowers of this variety have a sweet orange colour. The flowers not only dance above the bright green foliage, but also seem to be sprinkled with red confetti. Amaretti is most suitable for the 9 cm pot. With its small size, however, there are numerous possibilities with this plant.

‘Bromelia Botanica’
Bromeliads are a group of diverse organisms adapted to a number of climates. The leaves usually grow in a rosette. Many Bromeliads store water in the middle of their rosette. But, there are also Bromeliads, such as the perennial and grey-leaved Tillandsia, that only absorb water through the leaves and the succulent species in the desert.

‘Bromelia Botanica’ is a collection of the most beautiful and original non-crossed (botanical) Bromeliads. Various colours and appearances are available.

Visit Breeders’ Finest at the IPM. You can find them in hall 1, booth 1B15 (Breeders’ Finest). The IPM takes place in the Messe Essen in Essen, Germany and is open daily from January 24-27, 9am to 6pm.

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