Burpee Home Gardens Providing Consumers Help

Burpee Home Gardens Providing Consumers Help

Burpee Home Gardens is offering retailers and their customers a little support for the answers to vegetable gardening questions. Available in print or online is “Garden Fresh,” a free gardening guide booklet. Also, Burpee Home Gardens can connect with home gardeners via dedicated online social media interaction (Facebook and Twitter), which also aids in getting the word out about Burpee’s new 2010 garden-ready plant program.

“As more home gardeners look to plant vegetables and herbs this spring, their search for advice, discussion and overall gardening information grows as well,” says Jessie Atchison, brand manager for Burpee Home Gardens. “The Burpee Home Gardens team has positioned itself to help its core consumer–new and novice home vegetable gardeners–with the answers they need in the formats they prefer.”

“Garden Fresh” is a four-color, 32-page booklet from Burpee Home Gardens that contains information on virtually every aspect of how to start, maintain and build a home vegetable garden. It is mailed out free to those who sign up at the Burpee website, BurpeeHomeGardens.com.

Burpee Home Gardens is also connecting with consumers in real-time settings using Facebook and Twitter. Both social media outlets allow visitors to ask questions, view photo albums filled with sponsored Burpee events, check out useful links and get updates on vegetable varieties and gardening help.

Fueling the online social content is the new Burpee Home Gardens Blog, where key team experts can offer vegetable gardening advice and solicit feedback from readers. A specially selected group of novice gardeners has been recruited to post its gardening adventures at BurpeeHomeGardens.com/blog, where readers can follow their progress and learn from their journey from planting to harvest.

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