Carrying A Torch For Flowers

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Carrying A Torch For Flowers

In China, the two most important events to the international flower industry in 2008 are the 10th Hortiflorexpo 2008, Beijing in April and the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games in August. The 10th Hortiflorexpo exposition will give anyone interested in importing from or exporting to China the opportunity to exhibit or visit the largest horticultural exposition in the country.

The Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games in August is of interest to anyone who enjoys how a city can be transformed through the use of flowers. The massive use of flowers will be something to see and enjoy. Our industry is fortunate that China has selected flowers as the main method of beautifying their cities.

The 10th Hortiflorexpo China 2008 in April is an event you should not miss. Hortiflorexpo China is an annual event held every odd year in Shanghai and every even year in Beijing and is the largest trade exposition in the field of floriculture and gardening products in China. In 2007, the 9th Hortiflorexpo in Shanghai had 361 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions and 13,471 visitors attended the event. The exhibiting area was 170,000 square feet. 

The Chinese floriculture, horticulture and garden industries have witnessed rapid 

development in recent years. There is a great need to introduce the latest biotechnology, advanced equipment, new varieties of seeds and bulbs and new garden technology and products into this giant market, which will offer you great opportunities to promote your business and expand your market share in China. Industry suppliers simply cannot afford to miss this golden opportunity to promote their businesses, sell their products, meet potential customers and expand their market share in China!

The 10th Hortiflorexpo China will be held at the Beijing Exhibition Center April 9-12, 2008. The exhibiting space is planned to be 170,000 square feet. Other activities include seminars about the latest technologies, new products and flower arrangement demonstrations during the expo. This 2008 Hortiflorexpo China will definitely keep its position as the number one horticulture exposition in China for greenhouse technology, new varieties of garden flowers, new innovative products to meet the needs of the China industry and the foreign buyers wishing to export products.

If you have only one horticultural exposition to choose, this has to be your first choice. This exposition attracts more Chinese and international buyers than any other show in China. Please feel free to keep updated on the Hortiflorexpo 2008 through the Hortiflorexpo Web site,

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Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

The Chinese look at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games as an opportunity to put China on the world stage. China is preparing to show off Beijing, as well as many other cities as they have never been shown before. Anyone visiting China during the 2008 Summer Olympic Games will see an outpouring of flowers focusing on promoting Beijing and making every corner of the city beautiful. As an example, it is reported that Olympic venues of Beijing will need more than 200 million flowering plants to be planted, including 2 million pots of azaleas when the Olympic Games open next year. American flower seed companies, such as Goldsmith Seeds, Bodger Seed and PanAmerican Seed, will have significant shares of the flowers from seed planted for the Olympic Games due to introducing their products in China over the past 10 years. Other suppliers such as Speedling, Inc., Scotts Company, J. R. Peters, Inc., Sun Gro Horticulture, Sakata Seed, Takii Seed, Benary, Floralife and others are benefiting from China’s urge to beautify their cities and promote the use of flowers throughout China.

The Beijing Olympic organizers have been issuing contracts to farmers and flower producing companies in several provinces to provide bedding plants, pot flowers, cut flowers, trees and shrubs for the 2008 Olympics.

One of the expected winners for supplying fresh cut flowers is the flowers growers in Kunming, Yunnan Province. Guests from more than 200 countries and regions are expected to visit Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. Many Olympic stadiums and hotels will use large quantities of fresh cut-flowers to celebrate this world event. Yunnan will become the main supplier of fresh cut flowers for 2008 Summer Olympic Games, since Yunnan is the largest cut-flower production base in China.

Yunnan has more than 15,300 acres of fresh cut flowers with an output of more than 4.1 billion stems per year. Roses, lilies and carnations make up about 11,800 acres of the total with more than 2 billion stems per year. The increased business from the Olympics is expected to put pressure on the price per stem of all flowers during the Olympic period due to the demand for flowers.

Every hotel and every official dinner during the Olympic Games will be decorated throughout the games. In addition to the fresh cut flowers, the use of pot flowers, tropical foliage, trees and shrubs will be used extensively. On September 3, 2007, the Flower Varieties Application Show for the Beijing Olympics was held in Haidian Park, Beijing. During the 27 days of evaluation, 576 varieties of flowers were selected for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Flowers based on flower cultivation technology, flower performance, high temperature evaluations and high humidity characteristics in Beijing. This was the last evaluation before the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

The strong interest in flowers goes beyond the beautifying of cities and the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. The Chinese government has supported the China flower industry as one of the ways to raise rural Chinese farmer level of income. The domestic consumption of flowers is increasing due to the increased disposable income in the urban areas. I hope you have the chance in 2008 to attend the 10th Hortiflorexpo and the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

Berl Thomas, Berl Thomas and Associates (BTA), has 20 years business experience between China and the United States. He has insight to the changing trends between China and the U.S. BTA serves as a bridge between Chinese and U.S. companies and can help direct growers to China sources. E-mail Thomas at

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