Costa Farms Launches Spring/Summer Edition of GrowingStyle Digital Magazine

GrowingStyle digital magazine

As a new generation of garden enthusiasts hunger for plant information and the latest garden trends for indoor and outdoor décor, Costa Farms has launched its spring/summer digital magazine, GrowingStyle, to inspire gardeners and educate the plant curious.

“We want to make it easy for gardeners and those curious about plants to explore new plant options and discover bold new tropicals and annuals to spruce up the patio or deck while at the same time learning about the many health benefits of greening our homes and offices,” says Jose Smith, president of Costa Farms and publisher of the magazine.

Spring is the ideal time to add living color to the home or office with plants, and GrowingStyle offers suggestions and images to make it easy to beautify homes and gardens with foliage and flowers, indoors and out.

Available on iPad, iPhone, Androids and desktops, readers learn simple ways bring life to dull rooms or boring outdoor spaces. The magazine also offers tips on dressing up the patio to create individual styles using different plants. Readers will discover their plant personality, make double-duty party centerpieces and incorporate hot color trends.

GrowingStyle’s voice comes from editor Karen Weir-Jimerson, a renowned garden writer, author and master gardener who has penned books and articles for Better Homes & Gardens, Country Gardens, Horticulture and other top gardening and lifestyle magazines.

“GrowingStyle is a garden gateway for all types of people–from experienced gardeners to first time homeowners to college students—to bring them into gardening in an approachable way and encourages them to experiment, connect and share their experiences,” Weir-Jimerson says.

Using the same technology as other innovative digital magazines, GrowingStyle is enhanced with additional detail, images and videos – and everything is available as a free app.

To access the digital magazine, visit Once there, you can share articles via your favorite social networks, as well as find direct links to related online resources.

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