Growers Visit Agrexco In Israel

Growers and brokers who visited Agrexco cuttings propagators last month share their observations and experiences with us.

The group included Joe Simone and Jeff Nameth from Fred C. Gloeckner Co., Marty and Candi Gerace from Welby Gardens in Colorado, Vaughn Fletcher and Scott Crownover from McHutchison and Dave Eastburn from Gro-N-Sell in Pennsylvania.

Agrexco is an import/export company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and is responsible for the logistics, marketing, accounting and other associated administrative tasks for the Israeli growers it represents. U.S. growers get to visit with Agrexco growing operations during the California Pack Trials each April at Pacific Plug & Liner in Watsonville, Calif.

A group of growers and broker representatives traveled to Israel Nov. 11-14 to see where their unrooted cuttings originate. One stop was Cohen Nurseries, a family-owned operation with two locations and one of the most respected names in cuttings globally. The group saw the trial gardens with new varieties, the laboratory, renovated offices and state-of-the-art greenhouses in Nir Chen and Kfar Hanagid.

Another well-known producer on the tour was Hishtil Nurseries. Considered the largest young plant producer in Israel, Hishtil provides not only the world with unrooted herb and perennial cuttings but casters to the local market in Israel. The group visited facilities in Afula and Nechalim.

Jaldety Nurseries in Kfar Hanagid is owned by the Jaldety family and specializes in basket/bedding annuals and perennial cuttings. Like Hishtil and Coehn, Jaldety is supplying many of the leading brokers and growers in North America.

Schwartz Nursery in Ein-Habsor is a respected geranium cutting supplier featuring the breeding of Endisch.

The group also got to see Agrexco’s sea transit operation and walk on the high-tech vessel, Biotop. They also visited key bulb producers, Asa Flowers and Saad Asaf, as well as bare-root production at Hochberg Nurseries.

While in Israel, the group also got to see the most significant tourist and religious pilgrimage attractions in Jerusalem, Masada, Nazareth, Galilee and The Dead Sea. “Agrexco tries to make it as enjoyable as possible for clients and hopes that they experience not only an informative time with our growers but get a taste (let’s not forget the food!) of the culture of the land as well,” says Agrexco’s Fred Cohen. “Meals are enjoyed as a group together with a member of Agrexco, our growers or a combination thereof.”

Those who went on the trip shared thoughts and pictures with us. Click on the links below for each person or pair:

Dave Eastburn, Gro-N-Sell

Marty Gerace, Welby Gardens

Vaughn Fletcher and Scott Crownover, McHutchison

Joe Simone and Jeff Nameth, Fred C. Gloeckner

Steve Blacksmith, Ball Horticultural Co.


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