KVPG Cooperative Turns 40

The Kalamazoo Valley Plant Growers Cooperative (KVPG), which formed in the fall of 1967, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of its first shipping season this spring.

Over the last few years, KVPG transformed its flower sales division into the Kalamazoo Flower Group. More recently, it added a 40,000-square foot cross-dock facility that allows for centralized loading and unloading of the co-op’s carts.

“Not only are we proud to be celebrating our 40th shipping season, but we’re doing it in a better way than ever before, by helping our supplying growers more efficiently ship products from our new cross-dock,” says Chad Underwood, Kalamazoo Flower Group manager. “This lets them focus in a more targeted way on the crops they’re best at growing, and allows us to get trucks on the road much more quickly than in the past.”

Forty years ago, KVPG started with only 18 growers. It now includes nearly 50 Kalamazoo-area growers who grow, price and promote bedding plant crops collectively.

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