Miniature Messages

Miniature Messages


Fun With Foliage

The custom tag line at Costa Farms in Goulds, Fla., will be used for all of its foliage. Each tag includes a short story with specific facts about the variety, a list of key plant benefits, care information, placement suggestions and images of the plant in a lifestyle and close-up setting. Each tag has a care meter, as well, that indicates whether the plant is delicate, tolerant or resilient.

  Feeling Tropical

PlantHaven, an independent agency in Santa Barbara, Calif., that helps breeders market new varieties, designed a booklet tag for the launch of its new colocasia series at the California Pack Trials. 


Bite-Sized Treats

Schmidt Brothers Inc., in Swanton, Ohio, developed more than 100 tags for its Homegrown Gourmet product line of herbs and vegetables. Tags include some basic facts for growers and some fun suggestions for use.

  Looking Good

Two custom tag programs being used at Parks Brothers Farm in Van Buren, Ark., are Hot Shot Color and Charley’s Vegetables.


Brightening Gardens

Custom-designed ‘Lilylooks’ tags used by distributors like Zabo Plant Inc., in Pittsburgh, Pa., were designed to create and establish a clear brand name and uniformity in the marketplace. Designers also wanted to provide cultural information for consumers and a ready-to-go layout for smaller growers, who can still order them.


Specific Marketing

‘Hasslefree’ roses and ‘Mean Mr. Mustard’ yellow day lilies grown at Centerton Nursery in Bridgeton, N.J., each have their own specific label or tag. The marketing aim of the ‘Hasslefree’ roses label is to remind consumers that there are roses on the market that don’t require the amount of work that many associate with growing roses.

Tags for ‘Mean Mr. Mustard,’ meanwhile, were designed specifically in response to the way the plant stood out during trials. The plant is actually sold with signage that lists benefits of the plant, and the tag has an image of the flower that nearly equals the life size of the lily.


Standout Roses

Tags for the Patio To Vase collection at Greenheart Farms in Arroyo Grande, Calif., feature big, bright pictures of roses that are crystal clear against a dark background.


Bilingual Offering

Tags used at J. Berry Nursery in Grand Saline, Texas, list important plants facts like light, bloom time and pruning in both English and Spanish. Tags also have short plant descriptions, step-by-step instructions and a rundown of J. Berry Nursery.





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