Monrovia Launches Mobile Website

Monrovia Launches Mobile Website

Monrovia has launched a website that’s compatible with iPhones, BlackBerry and Android technology. 

“With the growing number of customers accessing our site with mobile devices, it makes sense to create a mobile-friendly website,” says Pam Wasson, vice president of marketing. “We looked at the most popular features on our site, like our plant catalog, find a garden center and design inspiration, and started with those.”

The mobile site has a similar look and feel to Monrovia’s full site but is designed for easy navigation with a handheld device.  Users can look up plants in the 2,500-plus database, narrowing their search by numerous fields. In the design inspiration section, those on the mobile site can browse theme designs like:  Zen, Cottage, Contemporary, Eco-Friendly, Tropical and Classic.  Each has at least six photos to scroll through and an accompanying plant list for each.

The second phase of the mobile site will follow with additional features, such as the ability to log in and access individual plant wish lists and subscribe to Monrovia’s e-newsletter. The Inspiration section will expand to include companion plants and questions to ask your garden center.

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