Monrovia’s Branding Campaign A Success

According to a recent survey from Lieberman Research Worldwide, Monrovia is the most considered, purchased and recommended plant brand in the current market. The company ranks second in brand awareness and advertising awareness, as well, just behind Jackson & Perkins.

“Our branding efforts over the past 10 years have been validated,” says Pam Wasson, vice president of marketing, who was instrumental in launching Monrovia’s branding campaign.

The first step was to create a consumer-friendly look for the brand.

“Our logo had been created in the 1920s and featured a little man smoking a pipe,” Wasson says. “It was way overdue for a makeover.”

The result was a simple look, incorporating a flower design with a modern, friendly look.

“Our research shows that of those who are aware of the Monrovia brand, more than half will consider purchasing Monrovia in the future and more than two-thirds expect to purchase Monrovia plants,” Wasson says.

“This is exactly what we want–the more people know about Monrovia, the more likely they are to consider us and purchase our plants. And because we sell only in independent garden centers, that’s good for the retailers.”

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