New Athens Select Look Keeps Trees Happy

New Athens Select Look Keeps Trees Happy

Does this tag catch your eye?

Athens Select just created a brand new tag that is not only pleasing to the eye but is also environmentally friendly. The tag is made from a material that can be recycled, giving Athens Select a new “go green” attitude.

The new tags are designed with graphics that allow the buyer to see how tolerant a plant is under certain conditions. For example, a sun pictured on the tag shows the plant surviving under hot and humid conditions. Athens Select hopes these new attractive graphics will catch the eyes of consumers.

The founder of the program for the creation of these new tags is Dr. Allan Armitage.

“We were looking for a fresh new look for our tags,” Armitage says, “but we also wanted to minimize the impact on the environment. So we chose an environmentally responsible option without compromising visual appeal.”

The tags also include details about the plant’s size, exposure, uses, water, USDA Zone, bloom, feeding and pruning.

This new tag was designed and produced by MasterTag.

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