March 5, 2012

Pöppelmann Plastics Launches Redesigned Website

Pöppelmann Plastics, a manufacturer in the plastics processing industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website,, for 2012. features expanded content, including a company overview, product information, information and literature request forms, and news.   The site also aims to allow visitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Pöppelmann Plastics divisions, including TEKU, KAPSTO, K-TECH, and FAMAC.  The TEKU division develops and produces plant pots and cultivation systems for the professional horticulture industry.   “We’re excited to offer this updated resource to our customers,” says TEKU Sales Manager Brian Russell. 

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February 21, 2012

9 Trends A Marketer Picked Up At Essen

Germany’s IPM Essen is more than a trade show. It’s truly an experience filled with new ideas, trends and inspirations. Here are nine trends I saw at the January 2012 show that was built on the bells and whistles you can use to make your product pop. 1. Color Trends The hot colors at Essen, as well as at Paris’s Maison d’oject January 20-24, were grays and slates. I also saw lots of pink and purple undertones; metallic and pearlized colors; and monochromatic blends of purple and heathers. Fun animal prints were just about everywhere, too – even on containers and wraps. 2. The Shop Within A Shop Another recurring theme I picked up on was the shop-within-a-shop concept. I saw many plant racks or shelving units with beautiful garden banners creating the perfect destination to shop for flowers. To me, the shop within a shop is the perfect solution […]

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February 13, 2012

The Proven Winners Social Media Strategy

GG: Who manages social media for Proven Winners and what kind of time commitment is given to it? DE: I manage all Proven Winners social media outreach, including Facebook, Twitter, the Proven Winners Regional Blog and YouTube. With regards to Twitter, both Stacey Hirvela from Proven Winners ColorChoice (Spring Meadow Nursery) and I share that responsibility to tweet during the entire day. Stacey also maintains the Proven Winners ColorChoice Facebook page, which currently has 20,817 fans to date. The time commitment is maybe one hour at the most per day – in the morning I check and answer questions on Facebook and post for the day. Then, I’ll check back at noon and 5 p.m. to see if there are any new interactions. On Twitter, Stacey tweets during the morning from 8 (a.m.) to noon and I pick up from there. By using a scheduler, like Hootsuite it can make […]

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February 8, 2012

What Growers and Retailers Can Learn From Fashion Trends

Let’s face it: A new outfit can lift your spirits. Likewise, a rough half-hour in the dressing room can ruin your day. Men may not want to admit this, but it’s something most women – a garden retailer’s target audience–know and understand about fashion. At its heart, fashion is all about evoking emotion. “Most of us that are involved in horticulture today have grown up in a society that taught us to care about our looks. Fashion does that, whether it’s a new pair of jeans or a new T-shirt,” says Layci Gragnani, ornamental sales and marketing director for Greenheart Farms. “You always feel good when you buy something new, and you think it’s fashionable.” For better or for worse, fashion – now a $1 trillion global industry–is revered as the place where trends start and fads go to die. And what starts in fashion permeates through a wide variety […]

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February 3, 2012

Hello Kitty Concept Hits The Right Demographic

You name it, Hello Kitty’s got it. The brand’s got T-shirts and candles and watches and shoes. There are Hello Kitty accessories for your car, toys for your kids and greeting cards for birthdays and other occasions. So why not plants for Hello Kitty? That’s a question Top 100 Grower Delray Plants must have asked itself these last few months. Delray, which showcased tropicals in Hello Kitty gift bags and displays at last month’s Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition, is expected to handle Hello Kitty plants here in the United States. Last week, we posted a photo of a kalanchoe in a Hello Kitty gift bag on Greenhouse Grower’s Facebook page, asking our fans what they thought of the concept. We received a few responses that were mixed, including one from horticultural consultant Tara Herrera. “It makes me want to barf,” Herrera says, “but it will sell. I know plenty of […]

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January 31, 2012

IPM Essen Takeaways

As a grower, your tradeshow travel budget may be restricted to OFA Short Course, a couple of regional tradeshows and maybe one show within your own state – if that. But if you have the means to visit IPM Essen at least once over the next few years, I’d encourage you to go for it. The biggest advantage of attending Essen is you’re exposed to hundreds of new vendors and thousands of new ideas you can take back and put into your business. Some of the Essen exhibitors may not serve the United States directly, but a number will. And if you contact a broker about buying a new variety, series or product, they’re likely to do the heavy lifting to make that product available to you. (Or, the product may already be available to you, but perhaps under a different name.) Having left the show just a few days […]

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January 30, 2012

Mystery Orchids & The Sticky Flower

What’s it going to take to get consumers to buy something that’s yet to flower? Perhaps the answer is to promote the flower color as a mystery. That’s exactly the concept Lommerse & Schrama developed and showcased at IPM Essen in Germany last week. Based on the concept the company developed, orchids could flower into any one of a number of different colors. Consumers can expect their flowers to appear in between six to eight weeks. At least U.S. grower reportedly had a conversation at last week’s trade show about pushing Mystery Orchids into the United States. A second concept Lommerse & Schrama developed for IPM Essen is Sticky Flower. A variety of 2-inch plants were on display with attractive black pot wraps. The pot wraps each sport a thin plastic band with a suction cup-like adhesive on the back that allows consumers to hang their Sticky Flowers to appropriate […]

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January 20, 2012

What’s New With Just Add Ice?

Green Circle Growers produced a consumer report this month based on data it collected from surveying Just Add Ice orchid consumers. Among the highlights: • Eighty-six percent of Just Add Ice orchid consumers are female. Forty-two percent of consumers are between the ages of 50 and 65, while another 26 percent are 66 and older. A very small percentage (4 percent) is between the ages of 18 and 25, although Green Circle reports it has seen a 21 percent increase in orchid buyers between the ages of 18 and 49 in the last year. • Nearly half (42 percent) of all Just Add Ice orchid consumers don’t have a particular color in mind for their next purchase. Thirteen percent say they would purchase a bicolored variety next; 11 percent would go with purple; 9 percent would choose salmon; and 8 percent would choose yellow. White (6 percent), pink (6 percent) […]

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January 20, 2012

Just Add Ice – Or Don’t?

The Just Add Ice orchid program has been a hit with consumers since it was introduced. More than 11,000 people are now Just Add Ice fans on Facebook, and Green Circle Growers, the grower and supplier of the brand, says it is reaching 2.8 million friends of fans with its Just Add Ice message. The watering method hasn’t worked for every orchid consumer, though. And Green Circle’s Lynda Gallagher says there’s a key reason why. “People are trying to add ice to other varieties that aren’t Just Add Ice,” Gallagher says. “The Just Add Ice method is specific to the climate our orchids are brought up in.” So orchids grown in California, Florida or elsewhere may not prefer the Just Add Ice method. Just Add Ice orchids are produced at Green Circle’s facility in Oberlin, Ohio. Social media has been key to the success of Just Add Ice consumers, Gallagher […]

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January 17, 2012

All-America Selections Launches New Website

All-America Selections (AAS), a non-profit organization known for trialing and promoting garden-performing flowers and vegetables, announced their newly redesigned website is set to launch at the celebration of their 80th anniversary this year. The revamped website sports a crisp, clean design to match their new logo and gives consumers, garden writers and other site visitors insight into what the AAS organization encompasses. Along with more AAS Winner images, the new AAS website features line drawings of some past AAS Winners that can be printed and used as coloring pages. These can be found in the “Image Center” under the file format of Coloring Pages. Just like their sister organization National Garden Bureau’s website, the AAS site features a “My List” option where visitors can select their favorite AAS Winners and add them to a printable shopping list. For garden centers, extension agents, public gardens and others, there are downloadable and […]

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January 16, 2012

Plants That Work Brand Now Officially Imperial’s, Willoway’s

Imperial Nurseries and Willoway Nurseries have acquired the Plants That Work and Plants That Work by Color brands once owned by Carolina Nurseries. The Novalis name will carry on with the new partnership. Many of the products in the existing Plants That Work lines will remain, Imperial Nurseries President Greg Schaan says. Others will be removed, and Imperial and Willoway will make some additions to build momentum for the brand. The two nurseries met with several breeders at the recent MANTS (Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show) show to discuss possibilities for the acquired lines. “At Imperial, we’ll use [Plants That Work] primarily as a house brand to introduce new and interesting items,” Schaan says. “Our strategy will be to draw new attention to items in our product mix.” Plants That Work was originally managed by four owners: Imperial, Willoway, Carolina and Conard-Pyle. Carolina Nurseries went out of business back in 2010, […]

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