Proven Winners’ Superbells Varieties Getting National Attention

Proven Winners' Superbells Varieties Getting National Attention

The latest additions to the Superbells Punch calibrachoa series from Proven Winners are gaining national attention in popular magazines, as consumer editors advise gardeners on the hottest varieties to look for this spring. ‘Superbells Coralberry Punch’ and ‘Superbells Blackberry Punch’ are appearing on the pages of many just-issued gardening and lifestyle magazines.

Better Homes and Gardens (April, 2011), Gardening How-To (January/February, 2011), Small Gardens (Spring, 2011) and Birds and Blooms (February/March, 2011) are among the publications that have featured this series of plants that offer a dark, black eye surrounded by a bright bloom of color.

“The Superbells Punch series is our attempt to capitalize on two different gardener interests,” says Rick Schoellhorn, director of new products for Proven Winners. “We are working to get the blackest-eyed forms we can so that we capture the consumer’s eye with bi-color blooms, contrasting with bright colors on the outside of each flower. The interest in black flowers and foliage also is a secondary highlight, as black seems to be gaining a lot of attention in national marketing, but unrelieved black is less of interest to consumers than black spiked with bright contrast tones.

Though these plants haven’t even seen their first summer season, they are attracting attention in university plant trials as well, having earned a Plant of Merit (award) at the University of Georgia and “Consumer Favorite” at the Long Island Trial Gardens.

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