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Are mass merchants good at customer service? One fired-up reader weighed in recently with a pat on the back for mass merchandisers:

”Both Lowe’s and (Home) Depot have stepped up and hired more staff to greet and assist customers than they previously used to, even in a down economy. Granted, they often do not have all the experience necessary, but they do offer an improved level of customer service. For most of their customers, it likely suffices. At some point, many independents need to realize that the boxes know customer service is important as well. They are raising the bar and you cannot ignore it.” – Not a hater on boxes

What do you think of Not A Hater On Boxes’ take? Chime in below in the comments section.

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2 comments on “Reader Comment Of The Week

  1. Anonymous

    It’s true. Home Depot and Lowes have many more employees walking around and asking to help you find something, along with more ‘greeters’. I still go there as a last resort. Most times, they don’t have what I am looking for. I’m spoiled by the better quality plants and accessories I find in the IGS’c. While the staff try to sell me on what they have, it’s simply not what I want.

  2. Anonymous

    The commenter say’s they (the boxes) are raising the bar. Raising the bar? If hiring some people who can talk to the customer and give decent advice is raising the bar it’s no wonder the boxes have taken so much business from INGC’s.