Reader Reaction: Box Stores Taking Page Out Of IGC Playbook

Readers respond to Editor Delilah Onofrey’s latest column:

Delilah, your observation is dead on. Full support is not in IGCs for the effort it takes for breeders and growers to bring plant and market innovations to the marketplace. Producers spent the last decade trying to find a home for new product at IGCs. It does seem the logical route. Meantime, the chains realized what they were missing and have jumped on the bandwagon.  The pendulum has certainly shifted. Thanks for your insights and straight talk though it may fall on some defensive ears. – Tom Kegley, Kegley Communications

Delilah, your article on box stores and IGCs was brilliant and a very good assessment of what is going on out there. At least this is what we are seeing.   – Maureen Needham, PlantHaven

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