Stepables Redesign To Simplifying Consumer Purchasing

Stepables Redesign To Simplifying Consumer Purchasing

Under A Foot redesigned its Stepables foot-shaped tags this spring for easier consumer comprehension. In addition to all-new text and a new layout on the tag back, each tag front now has up to six colored dots that indicate which landscape applications best fits that particular plant. The consumer simply looks at the tag to check and see if the dot category fulfills their landscaping needs.

To make things even easier, a visual display sign was created to guide consumers using color-coded picture boxes. These boxes also include the matching color-coded dot and show which plant category matches the colored dot, pushing past any language barrier that might stop a novice, non-speaking consumer from making a purchase.

Additionally, a new color brochure guides consumers through each colored dot category and ultimately how to pick the right plants for the right spot. has also been transformed into a 400-plus page guide for consumers to peruse plants, look up information, chat on Facebook or look at the vast array of Stepables photos to get ideas and inspiration. 

“This website and the entire ‘Match the Dot to Your Spot’ marketing campaign has been 11 years in the making,” says Frances Hopkins, owner and CEO of Under A Foot Plant Company. “Each year we listen to consumers whose concerns range for watering, to kid-friendly plants to maintenance issues. They muddle through with little to no knowledge of plant material, much less the concept of gardening. They know what looks pretty to them and they want their yard to be pretty, but they have no idea how to put two and two together. We simply want to connect the dots for them so it isn’t such a daunting task.”

For more information about becoming a Stepables retailer or joining the nationwide grower distribution network, contact Hopkins at (503) 581-8915 or email her at

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