Suds Leads Live Goods At Home Depot

Suds Leads Live Goods At Home Depot

Midwest buyer Bob “Suds” Sedlatschek just got promoted to Divisional Merchandise Manager, the top position directing live goods sales. He replaces Don Blume, who is moving to Home Depot’s building materials division, a large category which covers roofing, drywall, concrete, ladders, gutters and more. Sedlatschek has been very popular with growers and influential as he has risen through Home Depot’s ranks. He is the one who really got behind the Proven Winners brand in his region, which led to it becoming a national premium program for Home Depot. He also represented large retailers on our Medal of Excellence panel in 2009.

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One comment on “Suds Leads Live Goods At Home Depot

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Bob:
    We are very happy to see you are doing very well. We are in the process of putting the business up for sale. We would like to retire in the next 5 years to our home in Rotonda, Florida. And of course go go Maine in the summer. We built onto the old camp. Gina is married and has a daughter Madison who will be 5. Kevin just got engaged and Katie is going to be 23 this year and going into animal cruelty. How is your family doing? We have seen Al and his new family, Matt McGill who is a sargeant in the Clinton police force and Gene Snyder who is married with children. Also,Janet who almost died being in a coma after a gastric bybass, Lori Luthman came back to us looking for a job but we referred her to another grower. We have a latino work force for us now. No more dish gardens or tropicals. We specialize in fundraising. Florist business isn’t doing so well and a lot of the old customers have sold and moved on. Best of luck. You have truly blossomed into what we had hoped for you. You make us proud.
    Toni & Ernie Wolff