Taking A Message To Times Square

The City That Never Sleeps will be getting a whiff of our industry over the next few months, as Asocolflores has contracted the CBS Super Screen in Times Square as part of its Colombia, Land of Flowers marketing campaign.

Anybody who’s been to Times Square has stood and stared up at the gigantic Super Screen, which measures 26 feet wide by 20 feet high. We’ve seen the Super Screen repeatedly on TV shows and in the movies, and Asocolflores now has access to it with several spots over the next few months.

Asocolflores is scheduled to run two 15-second spots per hour, running 18 hours per day (6 a.m. to midnight) and seven days per week into June. According to Asocolflores, the screen generates more than 1.5 million consumer impressions per day.

For more information, visit www.Asocolflores.org.

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