Tesselaar Enters Mobile Market

Tesselaar Enters Mobile Market

Tesselaar Plants wants to engage consumers through their mobile phones, and it is listing its entire plant collection with a new online and mobile garden research tool called the GardenPilot.

“We’ve entered the age of mobile marketing because the always-on nature of mobile devices provides more timely communications than any other marketing channel,” says Anthony Tesselaar, company co-founder and president. “GardenPilot enables consumers to access vital information about our plants in seconds using their phone.”

According to Gartner Group, a leading technology analyst firm, mobile browsing is a widely available technology present on more than 60 percent of mobile phones shipped in 2009, a percentage Gartner expects to rise to approximately 80 percent in 2013.

GardenPilot is ideal for garden experts or those new to gardening because it features more than 13,000 beautifully illustrated plant information pages, along with helpful tips and advice from renowned gardening experts and plant breeders. Users can search for plants by category, branded collection or by relevant characteristics.

For example, you can search for Flower Carpet roses or Carpet roses by navigating to “roses” and scrolling through the A-Z list. You can also navigate to “roses” and filter by branded collections, which will provide Flower Carpet roses as a choice.

“Never before has the consumer had such a powerful online and mobile garden resource at their fingertips,” says Steve Cissel, CEO of 10-20 Media, the Maryland-based company that created GardenPilot.

While the tool is available as an iPhone application, any phone that has access to the mobile internet can access GardenPilot on their phone by visiting http://m.gardenpilot.com.

Learn more about Tesselaar Plants online at Tesselaar.com.

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