Pleasant View Production Continues Despite Fire

Pleasant View Production Continues Despite Fire

Pleasant View Gardens, Loudon, N.H.

Spring production continues uninterrupted at Pleasant View Gardens, even in the wake of a fire that destroyed one of their oldest production greenhouses.

“It’s business as usual. in fact we continue to take orders,” says Henry Huntington, Pleasant View president. “With everything going on in the world, we’re blessed that this is just plants. As much of a disaster as this is, no one was hurt, and the damage was really minimal.”

Pleasant View was able to salvage about 25 percent of its production space and will have it up and running within a couple weeks. The fire stopped before it took out more greenhouses.

“It’s amazing,” Huntington says. “Where it connects to another greenhouse, the fire just stopped.”

The blaze broke out at the Loudon, N.H., location in the early morning hours of January 21, affecting a 1-acre range that accounts for less than a tenth of Pleasant View’s total production. That still leaves nearly 11 acres of annuals, perennials, grasses and herbs, including the popular Proven Winners line–more than enough to fulfill both current and future orders.

In addition, Pleasant View has opened an area not normally used for production to ensure continued supply.

“This way we don’t have to outsource,” Huntington says. “We know we have great growers and great technology here, and we can keep everything in house so customers can be confident they’re getting the finest Pleasant View product.”

Spring planting will continue uninterrupted, and Huntington says customers can look forward to the gold standard quality they expect from Pleasant View’s liners and finished products.

“The most important thing to us is that this won’t affect our customers,” he says. “They’ll see no bump in the road. We’ve received hundreds of messages from customers asking how they can help. We’re so appreciative of their support and look forward to serving their needs this spring.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Pleasant View is currently looking at options to rebuild and plans to have new production in place by April 1.

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