Please Support The Horticultural Industry Bee And Pollinator Stewardship Initiative

AmericanHort and the Horticultural Research Institute are asking for your support for the horticulture industry’s bee and pollinator stewardship initiative. Please donate today to support industry funding that will be used directly for research on protecting pollinator health.

AmericanHort’s Healthy Pollinator Initiative Plan

The healthy pollinator initiative plan has three primary components:

  • Developing a bee and pollinator stewardship program that improves the circumstances surrounding pollinator health concerns.
  • Funding research that will help the industry answer key science questions that support the stewardship program.
  • Spreading the word to our horticulture industry communities and customers on how the program has a positive impact on pollinators and still allows us to mitigate the spread of invasive pests that threaten our natural environment.

To accomplish all of this, industry support is critical, and donations and contributions can be made through the Horticultural Research Institute, AmericanHort’s research affiliate. Contributions to the “Emerging Issues” fund are tax-deductible and will go directly to support this urgent work.

By financially supporting this initiative now, you will have other opportunities to embrace bee and pollinator stewardship and help spread the word as the initiative produces results.

Read more about the industry’s fight to protect pollinators at the AmericanHort Knowledge Center.

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