2009 State Of The Industry Report

If you stop to think about the developments our industry has seen over the past couple of years, your head will spin. There’s been plenty of change lately but through it all, your goals as growers have remained the same: You still strive to produce quality plants in the most efficient manner possible, and all the while turning a nice profit.

Lately, though, profitability has been more of an uncertainty than a guarantee. There’s no room for error in production anymore. And with the current state of the economy, while some growers see the opportunity to invest in their businesses and push ahead, others are nervously pulling back into wait-and-see mode.
Despite all this turmoil, however, there’s reason to be upbeat. Greenhouse Grower’s 2009 State of the Industry report looks at all these challenges and focuses on actions growers can take in the new year. We went to a panel of experts for their takes on trends to expect next, and we asked you, our readers, for feedback on your growing operations in the past year – and what you expect for your business in the coming year.

Editor Delilah Onofrey identifies the top 10 challenges confronting your business today and reflects on the opportunities they present. From profitability, rising energy costs and industry consolidation to weather, water and whether your products are relevant, we look at not only the obstacles but also examples of how some growers are overcoming them.

We take a look at marketing, as well, with what some of the brands have accomplished and how you can follow suit. We’ve also zeroed in on retailers big and small and how you, as growers, can strengthen the ties you’ve established with them.

Sure, the economic outlook has been gloomy, but this State of the Industry report provides real-world examples you can follow for a prosperous ’09. Remember, there’s no reason you can’t survive – and thrive.

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State Of The Industry: A Snapshot
We recently surveyed readers to create a profile of the typical greenhouse grower in 2009 and to gauge the current state of the market. Here are some key findings from our 250 respondents.

Online Only: Complete Industry Pulse Survey Reponses
We asked you how you feel about the industry today. Here are your responses.

Rising To Challenges
What are the biggest challenges growers are facing?

Branding In Action
Marketing is all about a meaningful message and getting that message out.

Building A Collective Voice
Industry organizations help with a collective marketing effort.

A Search For Quality
Marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery visited hundreds of garden centers last year and shared his findings on plant size, color and more with us.

Online Only: Retail Dos And Don’ts
The best and worst from marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery.

The Independent Garden Center In Unchartered Waters
It’s not business as usual at the garden center these days, but there are ways growers can help retailers succeed, even in a rather uncertain economy.

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