Green Industry Workers Are U.K.’s Happiest

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Gardeners and florists are the happiest workers in the U.K. according to research from City & Guilds published in the Daily Mail. Nine out of ten (87 percent) of horticulturists say they are happy with their jobs, and 80 percent attributed that happiness to “manage their own workload and have autonomy over their schedule and daily tasks.” Eighty-two percent of respondents credited their bliss to having a job that allowed employees to use and improve their skills daily.

Other happy workers included hairdressers and plumbers, while bankers (44 percent are happy), information technology and data processors (48 percent are happy) and human resources personnel (54 percent are happy) were the least happy in their occupations. To assess workers’ job happiness, the study interviewed 2,200 workers in all occupations.

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