Greenhouse Grower Columnist Armitage to Take on Spokesperson Role

Allan Armitage

The Perennial Farm is proud to announce that Dr. Allan Armitage will serve as strategic advisor and spokesperson for two exciting new lines of plant material- Treadwell Perennials and Perennial Farm Premium.

Dr. Allan Armitage is well-known as a writer, speaker and researcher throughout the world. As a teacher and speaker, Dr. Armitage has been invited to lecture in Canada, South America, New Zealand, Australia and many countries in Europe.

He has studied annuals, perennials, cut flowers and greenhouse crops internationally. His plant introductions and research in the Trial gardens at UGA are recognized throughout the world. He continues to be a  positive influence in American horticulture and shares his expertise with everyone in our business.

In his latest role, Armitage will be involved with the following products and services:

 – Treadwell Perennials tolerate foot traffic and act as groundcovers along pathways or between stepping stones and throughout the garden, patio or deck. Treadwell Perennials are durable ground cover plants that can be walked on. SomeTreadwell Perennials can even be planted in stone walls.

 – Perennial Farm Premium plants are retail-ready No. 2 sized perennials. They are ready for garden center endcaps and key points of display for immediate retail sales. Pots contain a 6×8″hanging color tag with a color sticky label on the side of the pot. Extensive plant care information is on the back of the tag, inluding QR codes.

- QR codes are new Green Industry technology. The Perennial Farm utilizes QR coding on all of its plant labels. A QR Code is an icon, usually a black and white square, located on a marketing piece or label. It can be scanned by a smart phone (Blackberry, IPhone, Evo). QR stands for Quick Reference because when scanned, your smart phone will immediately pull up more information about the product.

But rather than everyday generic information, Perennial Farm QR codes, when scanned, will immediately take the buyer to a pithy short video by Dr. Armitage. In the video, Armitage will briefly explain the attributes of the plant and then guide them to our highly educational and entertaining website.

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