Home Depot Canada Phases Out Pesticides

Home Depot will voluntarily stop selling traditional pesticides and herbicides in its Canadian stores by the end of 2008, and it will increase its selection of eco-friendly alternatives.

Home Depot is the first home improvement retailer to stop selling pesticides voluntarily across Canada, and it will phase out the products before legislated deadlines. Home Depot stores in Quebec have already stopped carrying traditional pesticides. The company already offers more than 50 natural alternatives for customers.

“Like our customers, we, at Home Depot, are concerned about the environment,” says Annette Verschuren, president of Home Depot Canada and Asia. “We are going above and beyond government regulations by working with our suppliers to develop pesticide alternatives that are environmentally friendly and produce excellent results on lawns and gardens.”

The company anticipates that 62 of its stores will no longer sell traditional pesticides by June 2008, and all 166 stores will offer additional environmentally friendly replacement products by the end of the year.

“Our stores will prominently feature green pesticide alternatives, in addition to our current Eco Options products, and our trained associates will continue to provide customers with product information and tips, as well as online support,” Verschuren says.

Product categories affected include herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, slug baits, moss control products and lawn fertilizers with weed control. A total of 60 products will be affected.

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