Hort Distributors Form Alliance

Three leading horticultural distributors–BWI Companies, Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies and BFG SUpply Co.–have formed an independent organization called Integrated Horticultural Alliance (IHA). 

Formed in direct response to changes within the industry, IHA’s mission is to remove redundancies and inefficiencies that drive input costs up. 

“Widespread changes throughout the industry really have necessitated the creation of IHA,” says BFG’s President and CEO Rob Glockner. “The main purpose for these three companies to come together to form IHA is to offer more value to all of our grower customers at less cost,” he adds.

IHA will enable BWI, Griffin, and BFG–the dominant distributors in each of their respective sales regions–to work with the leading manufacturers to increase efficiency and accuracy in the supply chain. “We can create efficiencies with our vendors and make communication throughout the supply chain quicker and more transparent,” adds Craig Hyslip, Griffin’s COO. “We can also work better with our manufacturing partners to improve inventory level forecasts and production planning.”

Creating customer service measurements and goals based on the unique needs of growers is also at the heart of IHA’s mission. By better understanding the needs of customers, IHA will be able to work within the supply chain to improve service to growers through reductions in errors, duplicity, and confusion.

“We see a lot of potential with IHA to drive positive change and eliminate waste in the supply chain,” says Jim Bunch, Co-President and CEO of BWI. “It will affect every level of the supply chain, and ultimately improve service and value to the grower.”

For more information on IHA, contact Rob Glockner, BFG Supply Co., 440-834-1883, rglockner@bfgsupply.com; Jim Bunch, BWI Companies, Inc., 903-838-8561, jimbunch@bwicompanies.com; or Craig Hyslip, Griffin Greenhouse and Nursery Supplies, 978-851-4346, chyslip@griffinmail.com.

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