Olson’s, Rancho Tissue Earn VeriFlora Certification

Olson's, Rancho Tissue Earn VeriFlora Certification

Olson’s Greenhouse in Utah is among the latest greenhouse operations to earn VeriFlora sustainability certification.

Certification by VeriFlora means products grown by Olson’s Greenhouse are independently certified as being produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. It also identifies the company enlists quality, employee-friendly management practices that meet and exceed pre-determined standards of excellence.

In order to obtain certification, a grower must meet or exceed environmental protection requirements covering issues in the areas of pest management, media fertility, production yields, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, waste management, water conservation and ecosystem care.
“As we started working with VeriFlora, we could see many of the things we were doing as a company was already in-line with the VeriFlora certification program,” says Bart Olson, president of Olson’s. “With VeriFlora’s help, we were able to identify additional areas where improvement would be beneficial. The certification process has not only helped Olson’s Greenhouse in its quest for sustainability, it has made us an all-around better company. “

For more information on Olson’s, which was featured in our December 2009 issue,.

Rancho Tissue Technologies

Also receiving VeriFlora certification recently was Rancho Tissue Technologies, which earned it specifically for its Stage III microcuttings and Stage IV liners.

“More than a seal of approval, VeriFlora represents the true depth of Rancho Tissue Technologies’ commitment to producing the finest quality tissue culture plants while maintaining the safety and health of our employees and the environment, says Heather May, founder and owner of Rancho Tissue Technologies. “For example, we choose plants to tissue culture that are hardier and more resistant to normal diseases, thus requiring less water and fewer chemical applications.”

For more information on Rancho Tissue Technologies’ sustainability efforts, including its selection of water-wise plants RanchoTissue.com to find a broker.

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