Ones To Watch: John Mossel

Ones To Watch: John Mossel

As part of Greenhouse Grower’s 25th anniversary, we’ve been profiling people we expect to shape the industry for the better over the next 25 years. Now in its 24th week online, our Ones To Watch series continues with John Mossel of Grand Flower Growers in Wayland, Mich.


His Job - John has been a co-owner of Grand Flower Growers since 2000. He operates the business with his brother, Todd.

Teaming Up - Grand Flower Growers does most of its business with Home Depot. Behind the scenes, John helps manage many of Home Depot’s national corporate initiatives for tagging, containers and genetics.

Quotable - “Surround yourself with people who are more talented than you.” Bob Sedlatschek, live goods senior merchant for Home Depot, gave that advice to John, who says it’s the best business tip he’s received.

Opportunities & Challenges - In the short term, Grand Flower Growers is expanding and John sees a chance to increase the company’s market share. The company’s greatest challenge, like many others, is the economy. “We need to maximize efficiency and come up with new space-saving products without compromising quality.”

Twenty-Five Years From Now - The success of growers will depend on their ability to adapt. “You need to be very open to change and seek constant improvement in everything you do,” John says. “You can’t settle for ‘good enough.'”

Why He’s One To Watch–John is an honest, hard-working grower who has earned the respect of his peers. He has balanced the needs of his business with what’s best for his customer and fellow growers.

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