Park Hill Plants’ Victor Vasquez Is A Head Grower Of The Year Nominee

Victor Vasquez, Park Hill Plants

From the start of his career as a vegetable grower 35 years ago, through stints leading production with Top 100-level operations, to his current position with Park Hill Plants, Victor Vasquez has been an effective leader with an unfailingly positive attitude.

Park Hill Plants has undergone a great deal of change in the past year, and Vasquez has been at the center of everything. The operation built new greenhouse space and added an annuals program to its mix for the first time this year. Vasquez led the effort, using a patient and effective teaching attitude with Park Hill’s employees. This was particularly important considering the staff was not well-versed in many of the production techniques needed for the new crops.

“He is a great motivator,” says Park Hill Plants’ co-owner Heidi Berry. “This was a big change for the operation, and we were shipping so much more on a daily basis, but Victor kept everything running smoothly.”

“This operation has become one of the largest finished rose production facilities in the U.S.,” says Layci Gragnani with Greenhart Farms, a company that works closely with Park Hill. “Victor’s growing practices are simple and very innovative. He uses his facility to the best of his ability and produces an outstanding product.”

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