Rainbow Greenhouses’ Rob O’Hara Is A 2012 Head Grower Of The Year Nominee

Rob O'Hara

Head Grower Rob O’Hara has been with Rainbow Greenhouses for 15 years. In that time, through innovation, incorporating new technology and active communication, he has helped the operation grow from 5 acres to today’s three locations and 36 acres.

O’Hara believes strongly in communication at all levels, from owner to production staff. He has set up a study group for his growers that meets regularly, allowing everyone the opportunity to share ideas.

He also teaches the growers to think through what they have done to the crop to encourage self-problem solving.

“Rob leads and mentors first with his motivation and passion for the crops and industry as a whole. His passion is contagious,” says Owner Stan Vander Waal. “He leads and motivates by listening to others’ input and has the research and experience to come up with new ideas that are effective and realistic to implement. He is an excellent mentor and commands a high level of respect with supervisors and staff.

“Rob is our head grower,” Vander Waal says. “If Rob feels it’s right for the crop, it’s the right thing.”

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