San Francisco Flower Mart Downsizes

The western third of the historic San Francisco Flower Mart may be sold to an art school, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The 5.5-acre flower mart was founded in 1956 by immigrant flower growing families. While the western third is owned by shareholders who are descendents of World War II-era Italian American flower growers, the eastern two thirds are owned by Japanese American families. The Japanese families plan to keep the flower market going. “We plan on continuing doing business here and keeping the market going,” General Manager Robert Otsuka told the Chronicle. “There is a lot of history here.”

Two years ago, owners of the Italian end accepted an offer from a Virginia housing developer for $18 million, but that deal fell through. The new offer comes from the Academy of Art University, a for-profit school that owns property throughout San Francisco. The budding artists won’t have to go far to find flowers for inspiration.

To read the article published in the San Francisco Chronicle, click here.

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