Sheridan Nurseries’ John McLaren Is A 2012 Head Grower Of The Year Nominee

John McLaren

John McLaren exhibits a trait every greenhouse owner would like to have in a grower: a genuine concern for the profitability of the company. He identifies potential issues, giving management the information needed to create solutions and put controls into place to prevent problems and unnecessary expenditures. John’s diligence has led management to have great trust in his words and his actions. He leads by example and commands respect among his peers.

Although he is still relatively young for someone in his position, McLaren’s broad knowledge and experience in all things horticultural has made him Sheridan Nurseries’ resident expert on IPM, fertility and environmental control. John frequently confers with other growers as well as with government officials, Extension specialists, and others in the industry in order to keep abreast of new and emerging information and to maintain his relationships with colleagues.

“John is always willing to share his knowledge and passion with others, and he takes the time to teach people with living examples and hands-on, practical exercises,” says Sheridan’s Mary Jane Ash. “He works tirelessly to continuously improve our products and our methods and is not defeated when faced with naysayers or physical challenges. John will utilize every resource possible until he is satisfied he has collected the information he needs to produce a top-notch product.”

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One comment on “Sheridan Nurseries’ John McLaren Is A 2012 Head Grower Of The Year Nominee

  1. uncle Bob

    I am so proud of u John. Seems like yesterday u graduated. Always remember, where u have been, where u are and where you want to go. Education is more than knowledge, seems they tought you how to learn as well, on your own. Take it all in from others and apply using all resourses. " the book says one thing, reality is another". Robert Pearson