So How Was Your Spring?

This year, with the economy/housing meltdown, the question we hear the most is a version of “How are sales?”
As an industry, we do not have very good polling data, so we thought we would steal an idea from CNN and do a live online survey. This type of data is critical as it can help you make better decisions on pricing/product mix/inventory levels etc.

We’ve worked with consultant Laurie Scullin, Michigan State’s Bridget Behe and Ball’s Marvin Miller on the Spring 2009 Quick Vote. Please check out the five questions for Growers on the left-hand side of the page on If you are a grower/retailer, please answer both sections. It should take just a minute or two.
Your information is confidential and we will help break out all data by region and run a story on this later this spring.
Please go to and spend a few minutes and a chance to share how spring is going and (this is important part) to see how others are doing!

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