Speakers At Annual Seeley Conference Set

The topic of this year’s Seeley Conference will be “Profit Squeeze: Is Differentiation the Solution?” June 21-24 at Cornell University, and Jim Marstiller, senior vice president of consulting services for TNS Retail Forward, is among those scheduled to present.

Marstiller will share Retail Forward’s views of the future of retail in place of James Russo. He has consulting focus is on growth strategies, category reinvention, brand development and innovative merchandising solutions. He has worked with Gillette, Coke, Nestle, Purina and Anheuser-Busch, among others.

Charles Hall, Ellison Chair in international floriculture at Texas A&M University will still lead presentations on the value of differentiation, and Bell Nursery’s Gary Mangum and Minter Country Garden’s Brian Minter will be available for discussions on examples of differentiation throughout the floriculture product chain.

For more information on the Seeley Conference, go to www.hort.cornell.edu/seeleyconference.

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