Standards Committee Hosts Annual Meeting

Leonardo Academy reports that significant progress was made during its fourth national face-to-face meeting of the multi-stakeholder Sustainable Agriculture Standards Committee. Standards Committee members and observers convened at Gap Corporate headquarters in San Francisco, Calif., and those participating remotely were able to join the meeting online.

Standards Committee members discussed and then passed motions to approve aligning the principle statements, including criteria, indicators and metrics developed by the economic, environmental and social criteria development subcommittees. These subcommittees play a key role in the standard development process because they are responsible for developing the specific proposed sustainability requirements for their subject areas. These requirements are then reviewed and approved by the Standards Committee.

The committee approved the proposal for an agricultural production sustainability plan to support producers in developing their implementation strategies to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard. They passed motions on proposals for the future tiers and scoring structures of the draft standard, which would provide participants with meaningful sustainability achievements even at the lowest tier.

“This year, the participants will be dealing with the details of standards writing,”says Brian McElroy, Driscoll’s Strawberry Associates. “For anyone who wants to have an impact on the development of sustainability standards for agriculture in America, now is the time to get involved with Leonardo Academy in this process.”

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