State Of The Industry: Overview

State Of The Industry: Overview

Last year was hardly a cakewalk for growers. In fact, some will argue it was the most challenging they’ve ever faced. The weather was uncooperative in certain regions, competition became a bigger challenge for more growers, and labor, energy and input costs didn’t provide many breaks.

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You’ve read the highlights and analysis, but there’s much more information available from the 2010 Greenhouse Grower State Of The Industry survey.

Click here for our 12-page State of the Industry white paper and find out in their own words what growers think are their opportunities and challenges, and the hottest trends for 2010.


No greenhouse operation is immune to these challenges − although some face them with more ease than others − as we saw El Modeno Gardens, a Top 100 Grower, close its doors along with other operations in 2009. Times are indeed tough, but you can argue our industry is faring better than others. Many growers have found there’s still demand for their products − even in a down economy − and there’s opportunity to increase demand more if growers listen closely to customers and offer products consumers want.

Greenhouse Grower’s annual State Of The Industry Report hones in on what those opportunties are. In this report, Editor Delilah Onofrey presents the 10 trends she sees shaping markets and supply chains for plants and flowers in 2010. In addition, she caught up with three growers specializing in serving independent garden centers who are growing sales by focusing on service, solutions and alternative products and presentations. Growers can pick up a few ideas from them.

On the big box front, we explore the mighty Walmart grower network, the retailer’s influence on the market today and how former Walmart growers are finding new opportunities following the company’s major consolidation effort over the last couple years. We also present State Of The Industry feedback from leaders like Fran Hopkins, Art Van Wingerden and Chad Underwood, as well as data we compiled from a grower survey our readers took late last year.

How will 2010 turn out? You’ll have to wait and see, but this State Of The Industry Report indicates where our industry is − and where it’s potentially headed.

Survival Of The Fittest
A new year is here and the industry has reason to be optimistic, but 2010 may be a telling year for small and mid-sized operations.

Top Trends For 2010
Position your business to take advantage of and respond to the market forces and trends shaping our industry.

Leaders Sound Off
We asked growers and others to offer perspective on the state of our industry. Here’s what they had to say.

Driving Sales In A Down Economy
Service, solutions, fresh product offerings and new blood are making the difference for growers serving independent garden centers and smaller nurseries.

Life After Walmart
Walmart’s recently consolidated grower network forced hundreds of growers into a scramble for new customers. What’s the road to recovery post-Walmart like? We explore.

Garden Media Group’s Seven Trends For 2010
Which trends are in and which are out in 2010? Garden Media Group offers a forecast.

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