Top Stories, Conversations And Videos Of 2009

Top News Stories:

#1 Hines Announces New Name & Management Team
One of the year’s most-read stories was about Hines Horticulture, the company’s rebranding as Hines Nurseries back in April and the unveiling of its new management team. The story also generated a couple dozen comments from readers reacting to the story.

#2 Disease Costs Bonnie Plants $1M In Recall
The Late Blight epidemic that struck the Northeast this year was one of the most-talked-about stories of the summer. Bonnie Plants was at the center of the scandal, which led to a he-said, she-said debate between the company, university officials and growers. 

#3 SUV Crashes Into Michigan Greenhouse
This September 2009 story didn’t generate the reader reaction the Hines Nurseries and Late Blight stories did earlier in the year, but the unimaginable sight of an overturned SUV that crashed into a Michigan greenhouse still caught the attention of our eager readers. 

#4 Anna Ball’s Top Trends In Horticulture
Sustainability. Ornamental edibles. Consolidation. Those are three of the seven industry trends Ball Horticultural Co. CEO Anna Ball shared with growers during an October meeting. 

Top Conversations At

#1 The 99-Cent Poinsettia
Home Depot’s 99-cent poinsettia promotion got growers talking after Black Friday on more than any other topic in 2009. 

#2 Let’s Brainstorm On: Herbs & Veggies
How are growers and retailers merchandising herbs and veggies and educating consumers to make the category a profitable area of their business? 

#3 Pricing Dilemma
Pricing plants is one of the most important decisions you make. Find out how other growers are approaching price and if their approach matches your own.

Top GGTV Videos:

#1 A Fresh Take On Marketing Veggies
MasterTag’s Gerry Georgio shares new merchandising programs to promote vegetable gardening and a sustainable message.

#2 Goldsmith Makes It Simple To Plant Combos
Faith Savage shares Goldsmith’s program that makes planting combos simple for the gardener.

#3 Armitage On Sakata’s SuperCal Petchoa
Hear Allan Armitage’s thoughts on Sakata’s cross between petunia and calibrachoa.

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