Top Stories Of 2011

Blue Orchid Debuts From Silver Vase

No. 8: Traven’s Poinsettia Forms Quite The Catch
Peace Tree Farm’s Lloyd Traven caught the industry’s fancy last month when we showcased his one-of-a-kind poinsettia wreaths and poinsettia trees designed for tabletops and desktops.

No. 7: What Does The Future Hold For Hines?
Anything related to Hines Growers these last few years has grabbed the industry’s attention, and this March 2 story about Black Diamond Capital Management reportedly submitting the only bid to purchase Hines Nurseries in federal bankruptcy court garnered plenty of reader interest.

No. 6: CSPMA: Peat Supply Down Considerably
We first reported on a potential peat shortage in August when a peat sales rep called 2011 the “worst harvesting season in the history of the industry.” A few weeks after that remark, the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association issued a news release that put the shortage into perspective.

No. 5: Mixed Reactions Regarding Monrovia
A number of growers and retailers were upset when Monrovia announced earlier this year it no longer planned to do business solely with the independent garden center channel.

No. 4: Mangum Returns To Bell Nursery As CEO
“Bell Nursery” is always a hot search term on, so it was no surprise to us that readers were extremely interested when Bell cofounder and former vice president, Gary Mangum, returned to the helm of the organization this year.

No. 3: Nurserymen’s Exchange, Rocket Farms Joining Forces
The two Top 100 Growers united this summer when Monterey Peninsula Horticulture, which at the time controlled Rocket Farms, purchased Nurserymen’s Exchange of Half Moon Bay, Calif.

No. 2: Scotts Exploring Medical Marijuana Market
In an interview with The Wall Street Journal this summer, Scotts Miracle-Gro CEO Jim Hagedorn said he’s targeting the medical marijuana market to help boost sales for his lawn and garden-focused company.

No. 1: ‘Blue Mystique’ Orchid Debuts From Silver Vase
It’s been almost a year since the industry first got a look at the blue dye-infused orchid, but ‘Blue Mystique’ is still a hot topic among Greenhouse Grower readers. The story more readers have read than any other, though, is the very first one about ‘Blue Mystique’ and its debut at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition.

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