Update: Seed Holdings Acquires Ferry-Morse Seed Company And Shuts Down Operations

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U.S.-based Ferry-Morse Seed Company and Canada-based A.E. McKenzie from Jiffy International AS on May 18, 2012.

According to Lauren Pratt, office manager for Plantation Products, Ferry-Morse products will be sold under the same name and to the same clients, provided those clients would like to continue doing business with the new company.

Immediately after the company was sold, nearly 200 employees from the Ferry-Morse plant in Fulton, Ky., were laid off. A distribution center in Fremont, Ind., closed and one in White City, Ore., will close at the end of the year.

The company still has staff in Kentucky helping to produce the Ferry-Morse products and approximately 100 employees will stay to help the company transition through the end of the year, Pratt says.

Seed Holdings owns the following home-and-garden brands:

  • NK Lawn & Garden
  • American Seeds
  • Fredonia
  • Plantation Products

With the new acquisition, the company will now also produce the following brands from the Ferry-Morse and A.E. McKenzie portfolios:

  • Ferry Morse Seeds
  • Lilly Miller
  • Green Arbor
  • McKenzie
  • McFayden
  • Pike Seeds

Seed Holdings will also have a contract with Jiffy to market and sell:

  • Jiffy-7 (peat pellets)
  • Jiffypot (biodegradable plant pots)
  • Jiffy-Mix (premium growing media)

The new company will be based in Norton, Mass., the same location as Plantation LLC.

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