3 Items Growers Should Always Have On Hand

Dan Morrissey, Griffin Greenhouse Supplies

Dan Morrissey, Griffin Greenhouse Supplies

Dan Morrissey, construction manager for Griffin Greenhouse Supplies, says no matter what, there are three essential items growers should have:

• Back up generator: “These are sometimes overlooked, but if you lose power, you lose everything,” Morrissey says. “I have customers who don’t have them but a generator is one of the most important pieces of equipment a grower should have.”

• Accurate environmental controls system: “What generally happens in our industry is, we spend a lot of money on greenhouse structures and benching and seem to run out of money for environmental controls and spend very little on these systems. But they can save you a lot of money early, so it’s very important to have an accurate system.”

• Spare parts: “If I have 15 heaters on my range and didn’t have an extra transformer, extra valve, extra fuse, extra roll of polyethylene, and something happens to my structure or my heating system on a weekend, where am I going to get that extra part? People have called my office on Sundays, looking for spare parts. Most problems happen in bad weather. Having some spare inventory is an important part of keeping your greenhouse running smoothly.”

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