Walters Gardens Promotes Green Image

Perennial powerhouse Walters Gardens in Zeeland, Mich., has done an excellent job promoting its sustainable production practices in its winter news bulletin.

It begins with, “Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word at Walters Gardens, Inc.—it’s the way we do business. Now in our 61st year, we have made a solid commitment to sustainable production practices in order to maintain the quality of the environment in which we grow perennials. … Profitability can go hand in hand with sustainable production; doing what’s best for the earth can also be very good for business.”

Then the glossy, four-color bulletin then explains:

  • Production practices in the fields and greenhouses
  • Environmental friendliness of Elle Plugs
  • Integrated pest management
  • Streamlined greenhouse production and processing
  • Conservation efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle

“Over the past decade, Walters Gardens, Inc. has made tremendous strides in reducing the amount of waste we produce, reusing what we can and recycling an enormous amount of material,” the company states. “Though there will always be room for improvement, we are proud to be doing our part to limit our environmental impact.”

Reusable items include glass culture vessels in the tissue culture lab and sterilized petri dishes. Wooden cribs can be reused and repaired to hold harvested bare root material. Walters Gardens also recycles an astounding amount of pots and trays, greenhouse plastic, plastic jugs, mesh soil bags, cardboard, office paper, old labels and catalogs, scrap metal, electric motors and obsolete computer components. The total amount of recycled materials per year is 280,642 pounds!

Check out the bulletin by downloading it here.

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