A New Partnership

A New Partnership

OHP and Chemtura have reached an agreement that has resulted in 13 new brands and 28 new product containers. “The new partnership demonstrates not only OHP’s standing and position in the horticulture business, but also sends a signal that OHP is now one of the leaders in the industry and is here to stay,”says Dan Stahl, OHP vice president of marketing and business development.

Stahl says the new products give OHP the opportunity to develop more solutions programs for growers, including offering a complete and sound rotation for control of root rots, such as Pythium and Phytophthora. The new OHP has Terrazole, Aliette and FenStop, all active against root rots, yet all from Terry Higgins, OHP vice president and general manager, was thrilled with the additional products. Higginssays that for the most part, OHP and Chemtura shared the same distributors, and the OHP team was already familiar with Chemtura products. He also was very pleased that Dave Barcel, formerly of Chemtura, had joined the OHP team in a senior technical position. OHP now has very strong technical leadership and expertise in plant growth regulators (Dave Barcel), insect pests (Dr. Richard Linquist) and disease and herbicide problems (Jeff Dobbs).

New Products Added
- Adept insecticide
–B-Nine plant growth regulator
–Casoron herbicide (25 lbs. bags only)
–Dimilin SC insecticide
–Dimilin 25WP insecticide
–Floramite SC miticide
–Paczol plant growth regulator
–Pedestal insecticide
–Terraclor 75W
–Terraclor 400 fungicide
–Terraguard SC fungicide
–Terrazole 35W fungicide
–Terrazole CA fungicide

Higgins believes OHP’s technical team, coupled with the regional sales managers, make OHP second to none in the horticultural industry and will be a great resource to both its distributors and grower partners.

All of the company’s efforts are aimed at delivering superior solutions to its partners in both distribution and growing. As part of the grower focus, OHP also made the move to phase out Terraguard WP in favor of Terraguard SC to improve handling characteristics for growers.

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