GreenClean Quashes Unpleasant Greenhouse Odors

GreenClean Quashes Unpleasant Greenhouse Odors

GreenClean is a quick and easy solution to unexpected spills in the greenhouse, as it absorbs and contains any liquid mess in one application. GreenCleanDD is an extremely lightweight, dry granular absorbent that utilizes powerful green chemistry to break down and eliminate unpleasant odors leaving behind a light citrus scent.

The organic granules attach and absorb liquids, holding up to six times their weight and ensuring complete absorption with less product.

GreenCleanDD is also a non-staining formula, absorbing liquids and neutralizing odors on contact. GreenCleanDD comes in 2-pound shaker containers and 25-pound pails.

For more information on GleenClean deodorizer, visit BioSafe Systems online.

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