Industry Company Cracks Unique Forbes List

Which companies will still be around in the year 2109? Forbes magazine put together a list of 100 companies that will still be around, and it included Novozymes A/S, producer of ROOTS products, among companies like BASF, Coca Cola and Toyota among the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations.

The list was generated by measuring what companies are doing best in several major sustainability-related areas, including human capital, environmental risks, governance and more.

“We are pleased to be included on Forbes’ 100 most sustainable companies list,” says Thomas Nagy, executive vice president of stakeholder relations for Novozymes A/S. “This recognition validates our commitment as a corporation to sustainability and bio-innovation for the future. As the world’s resources become increasingly scarce, we work together with our customers to ‘rethink tomorrow’ and create a more sustainable environment for the world.”

Says Novozymes Biologicals President Ted Melnik: “This recognition validates the biological approach offered by ROOTS products for more than two decades,” says Melnik, “As the world continues to face pressures such as water shortages and chemical restrictions, we believe more than ever that our biological solutions are key to helping the green industry evolve and survive.”

To view the entire list, click here. You can read more about Novozymes, which recently opened a new manufacturing facility, at

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