Oasis Grower Solutions’ Floralife Transportcare Paper Approved For Use In California

Oasis Grower Solutions' Floralife Transportcare Paper

Oasis Grower Solutions’ FloraLife TransportCARE Paper has received registration approval from the California Department of Pesticide Registration. This means California growers can join the list of growers who can now protect their flowers and plants while in transit from the spread of Botrytis spores in shipping cartons.

Botrytis is a widespread pathogen which causes gray mold. The host preferences of this fungus include virtually every plant grown in a greenhouse or field production, creating coating of grayish brown mold that forms on dead tissue when it sporulates. Wounded or older tissue and flower parts are very susceptible. Some of the crops especially prone to Botrytis include rose, lisianthus, gerbera, dahlia, zinnia, anemone, geranium, exacum, primula, bacopa, fuchsia, cyclamen, poinsettia and vinca.
FloraLife TransportCARE is a postharvest waxed tissue paper specially designed and formulated to slow the premature spread of plant pathogen spores on flowers and foliage in boxed shipments. These spores are known to cause premature flower aging, which adds up to costly scrap and shipping claims for growers. TransportCARE Paper is designed specifically for use during the transplant of flowers or foliage plants.
“We’re excited to provide growers in California a new tool in their battle against shrink,” says Oasis Grower Solutions West Coast Territory Representative, Dean Hollis. “TransportCARE Paper helps reduce shipping claims and credits, giving growers peace of mind knowing the flowers and plants they ship in closed containers will arrive as beautiful as when they were first packed.”
Impregnated with chlorine dioxide-releasing compounds, TransportCARE Paper reacts to relative humidity above 40 percent, the same conditions where pathogens thrive. Floral and potted plant shipping boxes are ideal environments – high in moisture – for the growth of pathogens. Convenient and easy to use, Floralife TransportCARE Paper sheets fit most common shipping boxes and deliver the right amount of treatment per box. Plus, it is effective for both refrigerated and non-refrigerated shipments.
For more information about how FloraLife TransportCARE Paper can protect your flowers and help shrink your shrink, visit the postharvest product section at OasisGrower.com, or call 800-321-8286.

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